Safety Supervision

– you may hire us as rope access safety supervisors for both – single projects and long-term contracts


– thorough preparation of official documents and reports required in projects involving rope access activities (Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessment, Method Statement)


– we can provide you with complete and fully equipped rope access technicians with skills in various professional areas. Our rope access team consists of selected, experienced specialists, whom we know well and have worked with and know what to expect from. This allows us to precisely select and designate individuals to specific tasks. This way we know that we will accomplish our goals and the job will be performed in the most effective way.


– support in the realization of the project at every stage, assessment of available methods before the project begins, monitoring and improvement in the ongoing projects and efficiency evaluation at the end.

Our Advantage

We are not an agency! We are not office workers! Who we are is a team of active rope access technicians with mountain climbing, caving background, who have gone through all stages of rope access career and gained experience and real imagination of situations and problems that may arise in both onshore and offshore projects.


We are looking forward to cooperating with:

– companies from Oil & Gas and Wind Energy industry which produce, maintain and service offshore constructions

– wind farms and wind turbines owners

– companies from maritime and shipbuilding industry which produce and provide ships maintenance services

– companies from different sectors where industrial rope access may be needed


We operate mainly in Europe – in the North Sea area. However, since throughout our careers we have acquired appropriate licenses and qualifications and gained experience in numerous projects worldwide, we are more than eligible to work in any part of the world.

A few words about SAFETY

Rope Access is recognized as the safest method of working at height due to the combined effect of a high standard of training, quality equipment and reduced numbers of personnel involved in completing a task and therefore exposed to risk.

Job specific risk assessments and detailed method statements alongside the guidelines of IRATA / SPRAT and the HSE make Rope Access the growing choice for difficult location access.