Scandia Gear are industry leaders in the design, production, and delivery of apparel and PPE for the maritime, offshore, and cruise industries. Their history extends back nearly 45 years with operations headquartered in Rotterdam and branch offices and warehouses in Singapore, and, Houston. Scandia are skilled, relentless innovators and expert partners to their clients. Scandia Gear’s immense product line is defined by its superior strength, style, and durability; the company’s reputation by competitive pricing and rapid delivery from stock. Leading products include coveralls, immersion suits, footwear, gloves, galley wear, and equipment and apparel for work in extreme temperatures. Scandia Gear’s operations are worldwide and round-the-clock. 



RAW Wear create with passion for people with passion. Inspirations come from our own environment, surrounded by sea, mountains, wild nature and artificial industry we find out about awesome people stories to which our projects are dedicated.

We care about originality of our works, quality and Fair Trade rules. Our graphics are the result of hard work of graphic designers, who represent different styles. They all are hand drawn. 

RAW wear brand fits casual and streetwear clothing and is dedicated for all who are tired with mass, poor quality production.




EAGLE – MED SYSTEM focuses only professionals with extensive theoretical

knowledge, supported by many years of professional experience. Training is conducted in the form of interactive lectures and practical demonstrations and exercises with the use of high-quality teaching aids.


First Aid, Combat Trauma Management, Tactical Combat Casualty Care TCCC, LTTT LIve Tissue Trauma Training


Founded in 1985 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, VIVALPIN has become one of the most renowned specialist tour operators in the field of mountaineering and skiing. Since 2011, VIVALPIN is an official licensee of SportScheck Mountain and Ski School. Thus SportScheck customers can always rely on the quality, expertise and know-how of the VIVALPIN professional mountaineers.



FJORD ADVENTURES create once in a lifetime trips in the magnificent Norwegian Fjords across skiing, cycling, walking and trail running. We create unique trips in the unspoiled beauty of the Norwegian fjords. Guests live on a beautifully restored Naval mine-sweeper vessel, which creates a completely unique experience of being dropped-off at different locations throughout the trip.