Maersk Resolute / Denmark

Installation of perimeter nets

Wikinger Wind Farm / Germany

NDT inspection for SEMCO MARITIME

MV 21 FPSO / Ghana

Helideck perimeter net installation and frames inspection.

Palas A & Guntong B oil rigs / Malaysia

Helideck perimeter net installation

Al Shaheen oil rig / Qatar

Helideck inspection and maintenance

Polar Onyx / Ghana

Helideck inspection and maintenance 

Nordsee One Offshore Windfarm / Germany

Corrosion control and maintenance for SEMCO MARITIME

Fort Hills / Alberta / Canada

NDT inspections and Cable Pulling

BHP CCP/ Caribbean Sea / Trinidad and Tobago

UT Inspection

North Cormoranth Oil Rig / North Sea
 / UK

Installation of perimeter nets  on helideck

Baltic 2 Offshore Windfarm / North Sea / Germany

External and Internal inspection of Siemens B52 blades

Tog Mor Vessel / Texas / United States

Helideck maintenance

Dolwin Alpha OWS / North Sea / Germany

High pressure washing of substation facade

Northwind Offshore Wind Farm / Belgium

Coating inspection and repair on wind turbine towers

Tohkoja Wind Farm / Finland

Wind turbine trailing edge serrations repair

GDF Suez Q13 platform / Nederlands / North Sea

Wet blasting and coating works

Jade platform / UK / North Sea

Rope access rescue cover

Dolphin production platform / Trinidad and Tobago

Rope Access wet blasting and coating works

Onshore Mock – Up / Denmark

Mock- ups and onshore trials for cable pull-in

BP TT AMHERSTIA platform / Trinidad and Tobago

Fast line replacement on crane's boom

KOPSA Wind Park / Finland

Inspection and maintenance of wind turbines

BHP Agnostura CCP platform / Trinidad and Tobago

Fabric Maintenance using rope access

NDT UT inspection on Kapok BP / Trinidad and Tobago

NDT UT inspection

BHP Billiton gas terminal / Trinidad and Tobago

Fabric maintenence using rope access techniques

ENECO Luchterduinen Offshore Wind Farm / Netherlands

Coating inspection and repair on wind turbine towers

Belwind – Offshore Wind Park / Belgium

Coating inspection and repair on wind turbines

Nordsee Ost – Offshore Wind Farm

RWE project in Germany - coating inspection and repair

BG Limited Poinsettia / Trinidad and Tobago

Poinsettia Offshore Oil Platform - painting and blasting

Baltic 2 – Offshore Wind Park

Installation of cables inside wind turbine towers

Borgland Dolphin Drilling Rig

Hanøytangen / concrete block's removal on Borgland Dolphin

North Sea Giant Vessel / Norway

Installation of fire blankets on cable trays below main deck

Offshore cable installation on Baltic Sea

Installation of cables inside CAT tower's

Butendiek Offshore Wind Farm

Romoval of fly rust, J-tubes paint inspection and repair

Amrumbank Offshore West Wind Farm

Coating of steel beams underneath main deck

West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm

Remove fly rust underneath grating on substation cable deck

PKN Orlen Oil Rafinery

Carrying out drills in hard-to-access and high-risk areas

Blade Inspection and repair work / Goldap Wind Park

Wind turbine blade inspection and repair work

NDT inspection support in Singapore

Confined rescue support for NDT inspectors

Brazil / Salvador Bahia / Golar Winter Vessel

High pressure cleaning, painting, blasting, needle gunning

Indoor arena located in Cracow/Poland

Rigging and ducktwork installations

Neon lights replacement in Westin Hotel

Replacement of electrical wiring

Teesside WTE Power station

hydroblasting and industrial painting of steel construction

Tullis Russell Biomass Plant in Scotland

Hydroblasting and industrial painting of steel construction

SIRI platform in the Dannish sector of North Sea

Preparing lifting equipment, slinging, building hanging scaffolds

Helwin Alpha platform on the North Sea

Removing mooring equipment, preparing CAT tower support for tower installation, bolt tensioning

Rigging support construction

Installation of a steel frame and large outdoor screen

Modernization of BTS stations in mountains

Exchanging GSM antennas, transmitters and fiber cables on masts

Dismantling elevation before demolition

Mercury Hotel in Warsaw - dismantling of elevation

Insection before blasting in Power Plant EC RYBNIK

Visual inspection before blasting inside silo

Vattenfall Power Plant in Berlin

Blasting inside Power Plant Reactor

Fire system installation in Biomass Power Plant

Installations of fire sprinklers and smoke detectors inside biomass silo.

Warsaw National Stadium building site

Rope access rigging of steel structures